The power of

Native or progressive web-applications (Mobile apps!) have come into fruition throughout recent years.

Most, if not all, major web-based applications are integrating to native mobile apps since the app market has been the most accessible thing online since the World Wide Web!

Move to mobile..

With over 2.2 billions apps already in the world, why not add one more? The mobile app industry is thriving and it's not stopping anytime soon.

We would call ourselves pretty bad developers if we didn't take the opportunity to utilise mobile application software to take your projects above and beyond what your competitors would ever expect.

Progressive Web

Identify the why?

With mobile applications we can take a number of different directions to help you with the development of your project. We will be able to take your existing website and turn it into a trendy mobile app, increasing your public reach and creating something completely new and fresh for your target audience!

To fully understand why a mobile application is needed, we first need to explore why. Is it a solution to a current everyday problem? An idea to generate revenue to market? once we've established your goal, we'll make sure that you can execute it on all platforms.

Across the board

Apps can be very advantageous, as they're able to enhance your scope. We'll be able to explore your options to produce and release a mobile app to app stores for all of the major mobile operating systems.

We use frameworks like ReactNative and Flutter to give us the ability to compile into both iPhone and Android operated devices, enabling a higher market and user reach at an instance.

Android Phone

Want to build a mobile app together? or talk about possibilities, we're here to help!

Mobile stacks..

Here at DigiDrip, we employ two of the most popular frameworks, using these two allow us to compile apps either across OS for iPhone and/or Android or across platforms, from mobiles to desktop.

Flutter Logo

Outline: Flutter is a google UI toolkit for creating apps natively across multiple platforms and operating systems.

Offering: This framework, offers a very comprehensive scope - and can cover a vast range of requirements from a scope.

React Logo

Outline: React.js is a JavaScript library that was created by Facebook. It is a tool used to create UI components, being a User Interface library. In addition to this, React Native combines and offers the best parts of the JavaScript library. In essence, we'd be able to adapt React Native into either existing apps or from scratch.

Offering: A basic example of what can be achieved in React.js -, using this framework allows us to build web-based application with a straight-forward export to mobile later down the line.