API's right

APIs may look and feel complicated, but once the principles are in place, they’re pretty straight forward!

“Simplicity is key!” It’s safe to say, we don’t take this lightly.

Our process.

Developing new and fresh Application Programing Interfaces and integrating third-party systems into existing apps can seem to be a huge undertaking, but it's fairly straight-forward once you understand the key fundamentals.

The key to successfully developing APIs is to stay consistent and ensure that it's simple to use and understand.

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Whether you have an existing system containing years of code or a newly designed platform, allowing room to integrate third-party APIs can be very advantageous.

We’re able to integrate the most popular third-party APIs for every platform, including Stripe, Facebook, and Microsoft.

In order to save you time while providing the best quality, we first study the architecture of your existing or new systems so that we can build integrations in a scalable-fashion.

Want to build a new API or integrate one onto an existing platform? We’re here to help!

Our repertoire.

Below, we’ve created a detailed list of third-party APIs we’ve been working with as well as the service we can provide integrating them into new and existing applications.


For running an online business, Stripe is considered the best software platform. Handling billions of dollars every year, they are one of the most forward-thinking companies in the world. With this platform, handling payments for your online business is entirely hassle-free.


Facebook offers a very sophisticated social API for their platform. You may remember that the last time you arrived at a website that requires membership, you were given the option to “Sign up with Facebook”. This is a feature that can also be integrated on your website! This, as well as chat-bot style contact windows, are features that only scratch the surface of what this platform can provide.


Microsoft offers a detailed and comprehensive service. We’ve had extensive experience in dealing directly with Office 365 Library of applications such as Calendar and Mail Sharepoint.

Google Maps

From a simple map detailing your location, to custom colors, place-markers and search ability. Google Maps API can handle it all. We will be able to integrate it directly into your website or application.


GitHub is a place for individual developers and development teams to store and share project code. Their current API allows us to utilize their main services and integrate them into any development tool that our team will use.


Mailgun is an email automation service provided by Rackspace. It offers a complete cloud-based email service for sending, receiving, and tracking email sent through your websites and applications.