Web Application


We were tasked by WEEE-RecycleIT to help improve the current process of how they deal with sorting and collecting their assets.

We were provided a comprehensive amount of details in order to produce a system that can cater for a new streamlined process and enhance their customer database.

This system was built from scratch, using popular frameworks such as AngularJs--which helped give us a unique frontend feel--and Laravel--to take care of any backend operations and functional system operations.


An easy-to-use Web Application was built to facilitate the use of creating a unified system that houses all of their clients, and allows them to control their collections dates.

Together we came up with a simple UI design to ensure that the platform was clean and concise enough for their employees to use.

To achieve this we mocked up designs for the UI and user flow and incorporated step-by-step wizard guides to setup clients and collections.


For this system, we also worked very closely with the Microsoft Graph API. We adapted this API for the use of adding the collection appointments to the relevant calendars. If an event needed to be updated, it would use the Graph API to adjust and update the information where needed as well as any attachments needed.

Lastly, in order to give WEEE-RecycleIT full control of their creation, we integrated various Administration controls so that we'd never have to intervene.