Billing Better

Partner Portal


Billing Better, approached us with the idea to allow partnered lettering agents to sell the the Billing Better platform with their tenants.

The system needed to allow partners/letting agencies to seamlessly integrate with both the Internal API and have a clean and concise Partner Portal, for tracking, assigning and managing orders.

The project relied on giving the partners a friendly experience with up-to-date and easy to read data within the command centers.

Whilst developing on this project, we were given the freedom to plan the architectural system and suggest subtle improvable changes as we progressed. Using Vue.js coupled with Laravel to give the users as much frontend interactions as possible.


The solution for this system, was pre-defined between both Billing Better and DigiDrip. The key elements that the system ultimately relied upon:

  • Clean Partner Portal, to track and manage their orders.
  • External API for Partners


The portal was built in 2-fold. Firstly, we needed to create a user flow of how each partner on-boarding process should operate. Working closely with Billing Better, we were provided designs and spoke thoroughly about how this should operate - The user flow has a specific catered page per Partner, including their own logo on the on-boarding phase.

The portal then allowed the registered partners to login to their own customized dashboard, to view and track their current orders. The portal also allows the ability to invite team members or even more letting agents.

Lastly, we built an API in order to allow partners to down-the-line integrate the platform into their own software. It was straight-forward building on top of already laid out foundations. We always set out to integrate anything and everything a partner can do on the portal into an API and achieving just that: creating orders, adding tenants and more!